Festivals, Jharkhand

jharkhand_tourism Having a vast cultural impact, Jharkhand is known for the host of festivals it celebrates. With its festive nature, the state puts some more colors on the vivid spiritual canvass of India. This state has a lot in terms of antiquity. The state celebrates all its festivals with full fun and frolic. Around all the festivals celebrated in the country are enjoyed by Jharkhand. The festivals celebrated in the state show the marvelous presence of the cultural heritage of India in Jharkhand. The main attractions in this regard are the celebration of the Tribal festivals in Jharkhand. These festivals are celebrated with full of vigour in the state. Some of the major Festivals of Jharkhand including Karma Dussehra Jharkhand Festival are lined up below:


  • Kunda Mela in Pratappur
  • Kolhua mela in Hunterganj
  • Chatra Mela
  • Kundri Mela in Chatra
  • Kolhaiya Mela in Chatra
  • Tutilawa Mela in Simaria
  • Lawalong mela
  • Belgada Mela in Simaria
  • Bhadli mela in Itkhori
  • Sangharo Mela in Chatra
  • Barura Sharif
  • The Graveyard of Jatrahibagh
  • Sangat
  • Sarhul
  • Santhals
  • Dansi
  • Durga Puja
  • Diwali
  • Kali Puja
  • Sohrai
  • Karma
  • Tusu Parab or Makar
  • Hal Punhya
  • Bhagta Parab
  • Rohin
  • Bandna

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