Art, Craft & Culture, Jharkhand

art_craft-jharkhand_tourism The state of Jharkhand is known for its Art, Craft and Culture. Various generations of communities, who inhabited the land since ages, dreamt about, shaped and polished the cultural sky of the state.

The impression on the region’s culture Jharkhand has been made by over 32 tribal groups including Asurs, Santhals, Banjara, Bihor, Chero, Gond, Ho, Khond, Lohra, Mai Pahariya, Munda, Oraon, Kol or Kawar. This total covers over 28% of the total population of the state. You can also easily observe the cross-cultural influences of local nontribal communities and the followers of Buddhism and Jainism, Mughal rule and the reign Hindu emperors of Bengal .




art_craft-jharkhand_tourism The oldest cave paintings in India – ‘scroll paintings’ – have been attributed to a Jharkhand tribe by the art historians. This tribe is referred as Shabars, which is now living on the edge of extinction. According to an established fact, Stone Age tools discovered in Hazaribagh District and axes and spearheads found in the Chaibasa Area of the state are remains of a civilization that dates back some thousand years. In the state, you can find in abundance the 10,000 to 30,000 years old rock paintings, paintings in huge caves in the Sati hills and other indicators of ancient, even pre-historic, human settlements.

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