Dhanbad - The Coal Capital of India

Dhanbad is the famous mining township in the core of the richest coalfields in India. The township houses several industrial, socio-cultural and other institutions of repute in the presence of extensive commerce. Other attractions are some famous temples and rivers in the town.

Miners at Work


The mining township provides you an opportunity to observe the richest coalfields in India. You can have a thrilling experience seeing the miners at work.





Shakti Mandir


Located in the heart of the coal city Dhanbad, Shakti Mandir is devoted to Goddess Durga or Goddess of Shakti (Power). Situated in Joraphatak Road, Dhanbad, the temple possesses an ‘Akhand Jyoti’ brought from the Vaishno Devi. Bhajanas, jagrans and kirtans are regularly performed by the devotees.







Situated on the northern bank of the River Suvarnarekha, Dalmi is also called Diapur Dalmi. The remains of temples and some images of Shiva, Durga, Ganesha and Nandi are found here. You can find some remains of the Buddhist and Jain faith to the extreme north of this location.

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