Bokaro - Steel City

Bokaro Steel City, often referred as the City of Scholars, is among the main industrial cities in Jharkhand. One of the most industrialized zone in India, Bokaro houses the largest steel plant in India along with many other large, medium and small industries. Bokaro Steel City is famous for its steel industry sprawling in a vast area. The city is also known for its dam and some temples.


Bokaro Steel Plant

Bokaro Steel Plant, one of the largest steel mills in India, is having an output capacity of over five million tonnes of steel. It also consists of a power plant which is now being run by Bokaro Power Supply Company Ltd that is a 50–50 joint venture between SAIL and DVC. The company has employed about 30,000 people on its rolls as of 2005.






Garga Dam

Garga Dam, situated around 12 km from the city centre, close to the railway station on the NH-23, is a beautiful picnic spot for the Bokaro citizens. The dam is built for the purposes of the steel plants and for water supply to the people in the town. Its green surroundings and species of aquatic habitat inhabiting in and around Garga Dam attract school excursions and biological expeditions to the area.







Rajrappa, a tourist spot, is known for the 'Chinnamasta Temple' located on the bank of the confluence of the Bhairavi and Damodar rivers. Nestled amidst dense greenery, the temple is lying 8 km from the colony. Named after the Rajrappa Mandir, the place is 60 km from the Bokaro Steel City.



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