Cuisines, Jharkhand

jharkhand_tourism The presence of various localities in the region makes Jharkhand cuisines a vivid experience. The Jharkhandi cuisine is traditional and combination of various locality in Jharkhand Region. Most of the Dishes of Jharkhand are traditional and some are adopted from mixed culture of adjoining areas. Every season – mainly winter, summer and rain – coming in the region brings a range of Food with itself. However, the Famous cuisines of Jharkhand, used in all the seasons are Rice, Roti, Daal, Tarkari and sweets, and much more.

jharkhand_tourism The food of Jharkhand is generally very light on the stomach and easy to digest. The native folks of Jharkhand have absorbed this fact very well, as showed by the food habits of Jharkhand people. One of the most important and famous cuisine of Jharkhand is Litti & Chokha. Among the delicious non-vegetarian Jharkhand delicacies, you can name spicy chicken that is much popular among a significant section of Jharkhand population. You can also see a faint touch of food of the vigorous Mughals in some of the varieties of Jharkhand delicacies.


Some famous cuisines, Jharkhand

  • Handia
  • Bamboo Shoots
  • Mushroom
  • Rugra
  • Kanda
  • Thekua
  • Mitha Khaja
  • Pua
  • Mahua
  • Litti
  • Aaloo Chokha
  • Dhuska
  • Chhirka or Chhilka Roti
  • Arsa Roti
  • Dubhni Roti

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