Adventure Tourism in Jharkhand

Jharkhand has a number of destinations known for generating the real sense of adventure for visitors. Many of the destinations – like Giridih, Parasnath and Satpahar hills – in the state possess lots of scope for many adventurous activities like paragliding, Water Sports & Parasailing Giridih, among other sports helping Adventure Tourism in Jharkhand get much popularity. Some of the most wanted destinations of Jharkhand Adventure Tourism are explained below:

Water Sports, Giridih


Around 8 km North-East of Giridih, this water reservoir is among the best spots providing you water related adventure sports and bird-watching activities. You can get an amazing panoramic view of Khandoli site from a watch tower and 600 feet high hillock. You can get the adventure of elephant and Camel Safari and many other amusement facilities like Boating, Rock-climbing ,Parasailing and Kayaking.



Hot air balloon show


You can have an amazing experience of the hot air balloon adventure sport that is among the oldest successful technology of human-carrying flight. If you want to observe the gorgeousness of the nature from the sky, this activity is waiting for you. Experts offer you proper training before the take off of your flight.




Parasailing training, Giridih


Giridih offers a remarkable space for an exciting aero sport parasailing, in which you will be sailing in the air up to an altitude of 300 feet through a half cut orange shaped parachute called 'Parasail' that is dragged through a rope linked to a jeep on land or by a motorboat above water. You will be having a thrilling and exciting experience at this height in the absence of any engine, sound or pilot.



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